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ID Title/Position Company Closing Date Salary
1SALE EXECUTIVE S&V Cambodia Job 2016/10/11$250-$350
2Sales Representative S&V Cambodia Job 2016/10/11$250-$350
3Property Sales and Rentals S&V Cambodia Job 2016/09/28$300-$500
4Senior Sales Officer S&V Cambodia Job 2016/09/08$500-$700
5Outdoor sales/Marketing S&V Cambodia Job 2016/09/01$250-$350
6Sales & Marketing Manager S&V Cambodia Job 2016/08/29
7Sale Export Officers S&V Cambodia Job 2016/08/29$500-$800
8Sale Marketing S&V Cambodia Job 2016/08/11$150-$250
9Sales Representative S&V Cambodia Job 2016/08/09$300-$400
10Sale Supervisor / Sale Manager S&V Cambodia Job 2016/07/21$300-$500
11Sale Executive S&V Cambodia Job 2016/07/21$300-$400
12Sales Manager S&V Cambodia Job 2016/07/21Negotiable
13Sales Manager S&V Cambodia Job 2016/07/21Negotiable
14Sales Executive S&V Cambodia Job 2016/07/21$300-$400
15Area Sales & Marketing Manager S&V Cambodia Job 2016/07/08500$
16Sale Supervisor S&V Cambodia Job 2016/05/19$500-$700
17Sale Show Room S&V Cambodia Job 2016/05/19$200-$300
18Sale Executive S&V Cambodia Job 2016/05/19$300-$400
19Sale Admin S&V Cambodia Job 2016/05/19$250-$350
20Sales ( Very Urgent ) S&V Cambodia Job 2016/04/12$200-$500
21SALE MANAGER (OIL) S&V Cambodia Job 2016/03/24600$-800$
22SALE MANAGER (MOTOR) S&V Cambodia Job 2016/03/24$1000-$2000
23Sales Consultant S&V Cambodia Job 2016/03/16$200-$300
24Assistant Sale Manager S&V Cambodia Job 2016/03/16Negotiable
25Sales Officer S&V Cambodia Job 2016/02/29Negotiable
26ផ្នែកលក់ (Sale food , construction materials and light brick) Golden B.S.T Concrete Co.,Ltd 2017/10/09Negotiable
27Sales Executive BOENG TRABEK PLAZA 2017/09/08$250-$350
28Sales Manager S&V Cambodia Job 2017/08/241000$ - 1250$
29Junior Vehicle Sales 2017/08/24$200-$300
30Sales Support Executive Sun Hour Group Co.,LTD 2017/08/24$450-$600
31Sales Admin BOENG TRABEK PLAZA 2017/08/24Negotiable
32អ្នកលក់ខាងក្រៅ​ Sale outside (ខោទឹកនោមកូនក្មេង) NPCCL 2017/04/24Negotiable
33Sale & Marketing Manager NPCCL 2017/04/24Negotiable
34Sale Executive (Urgent) WiCAM Corporation, Ltd 2017/03/21Negotiable
35Sales Engineer (2 Positions) iOne Co.,Ltd. 2017/03/20Negotiable
36Sales & Marketing Supervisor (1 Position) iOne Co.,Ltd. 2017/03/20Negotiable
37Sales Marketing SUNHOU GROUP CO.,LTD 2017/01/17$150-$250
38Sales officer STRC Trading 2016/12/27Negotiable
39Sales Executive (Hotel, KTV or Restaurant) KC Food 2016/11/30Negotiable
40Sales Manager S&V Cambodia Job 2016/11/04$800-$1000
41Salesman Vimeanchey Groups Co., Ltd 2016/10/26Negotiable
42Sales Representative Sun Hour Group Co.,LTD 2016/10/19$300-$400
43Junior Vehicle Sales 2016/10/17$200-$300
44Sales Engineer Thyssenkrupp Technologies (Cambodia) Co.,Ltd 2016/10/11Negotiable
45Sales Executive Thyssenkrupp Technologies (Cambodia) Co.,Ltd 2016/10/11Negotiable
46Sale Tan Brothers Auto Co., Ltd 2016/10/06Negotiable
47Boutique Sellers Geolink Group Co., Ltd 2016/09/23< $200
48Director of Sales Amru Rice (Cambodia) Co., Ltd 2016/09/22Negotiable
49Senior Sale and Marketing Ocean Technology 2016/09/16Negotiable
50SALE & MARKETING EXECUTIVE Trust Trading Investment Int.Co.,Ltd 2016/09/14Negotiable
51Sales Manager S&V Cambodia Job 2016/09/12$800-$1000
52Sales Manager Brightness HOME Co., Ltd 2016/09/01Negotiable
53Sales Outdoor P&P Concept Decor 2016/09/01Negotiable
54SALES MANAGER (Urgent) 2016/08/31Negotiable
55Sales Executive KC Food 2016/08/24Negotiable
56Sales Executive Trust Global Service Co., Ltd 2016/08/23Negotiable
57ប្រធានផ្នែកលក់ (Sales Manager) B.P.C Trading Co., Ltd 2016/08/17Negotiable
58ប្រធានក្រុមផ្នែកលក់ (Sales Supervisor) B.P.C Trading Co., Ltd 2016/08/17Negotiable
59តំណាងផ្នែកលក់ (Sales Representative) B.P.C Trading Co., Ltd 2016/08/17Negotiable
60Sales Supervisor Ung Ngim Distribution 2016/08/17Negotiable
61Sales (Urgent) Ung Ngim Distribution 2016/08/17Negotiable
62Sales Executive (Logistic) Cargo World Consol 2016/08/17Negotiable
63Sale Supervisor (Logistic) Cargo World Consol 2016/08/17Negotiable
64Sales Executive NRS Construction Material 2016/08/16Negotiable
65Sale Executive VRL Global Trading Co., Ltd 2016/08/16$150-$250
66Senior Manager, Bancassurance Sales Manulife(Cambodia) PLC 2016/08/12Negotiable
67Insurance Specialist ( sale ) Manulife(Cambodia) PLC 2016/08/12Negotiable
68Area Sales Manager-Pharma MEGA LIFESCIENCES PTY LIMITED 2016/08/12Negotiable
69Cashier 2016/08/05Negotiable
70Sale Executive TESK GREEN CO., LTD 2016/08/04$150-$250
71SALES COORDINATOR Hard Rock Cafe Angkor 2016/07/19Negotiable
72Road Show Promoter Aplus Consulting 2016/07/13Negotiable
73Sale Promoter Aplus Consulting 2016/07/13Negotiable
74Sales Executive (Logistic) MP CONSOL(S)PTE LTD 2016/07/13Negotiable
75Sale Representative S&V Cambodia Job 2016/07/13$250-$350
77Sales Executive (Logistic) SEATOP LOGISTICS (CAMBODIA) CO., LTD 2016/07/06Negotiable
78Sale Manager (Logistic) SEATOP LOGISTICS (CAMBODIA) CO., LTD 2016/07/06Negotiable
79Senior Sales S&V Cambodia Job 2016/06/20$450-$600
80Sales Executive S&V Cambodia Job 2016/06/20$250-$350
81Sales Representative S&V Cambodia Job 2016/06/16Negotiable
82Sale media S&V Cambodia Job 2016/06/14$200-$500
83បុគ្គលិកផ្នែកគណនេយ្យ S&V Cambodia Job 2016/05/25$200-$300
84Sales and Marketing Executive S&V Cambodia Job 2016/05/19$200-$300
85Sale Manager 2016/05/06$500-$999
86Sales Area Manager S&V Cambodia Job 2016/04/25Negotiable
87Sale Executive S&V Cambodia Job 2016/04/22Negotiable
88Project Sales Engineer GOODHILL Enterprise (Cambodia) Ltd. 2016/04/04Negotiable
89Senior Sales and Marketing Executive GOODHILL Enterprise (Cambodia) Ltd. 2016/04/04Negotiable
90Sales Supervisor GOODHILL Enterprise (Cambodia) Ltd. 2016/04/04Negotiable
91Sale Trainee S&V Cambodia Job 2016/03/29< $200
92Sales Manager S&V Cambodia Job 2016/03/16500$-600$
93Cosmetic Sale Outdoor (Beauty Product) S&V Cambodia Job 2016/03/16Negotiable
94Sale Logistics S&V Cambodia Job 2016/03/16Negotiable
95Sales Manager S&V Cambodia Job 2016/03/07$800-$1200
96Marketing Executive E-gold Entreprenuer Limited 2016/02/26$200-$300
97Sale Supervisor (Urgent) 2016/02/20$300-$500
98Senior Sales S&V Cambodia Job 2016/01/28Negotiable
99Sales Officer, and Senior Sales Officer S&V Cambodia Job 2016/01/28Negotiable
100Sale Officer S&V Cambodia Job 2016/01/06Negotiable
101Sale & Marketing Executive S&V Cambodia Job 2016/01/06Negotiable
102Sale Manager S&V Cambodia Job 2016/01/06Negotiable
103Sales S&V Cambodia Job 2016/01/04Negotiable
104Sales Executive Westec Media Limited 2015/12/16Negotiable
105Shop Assistant Westec Media Limited 2015/12/16Negotiable
106Ticket seller (Cinema in Battambong) Westec Media Limited 2015/12/16Negotiable
107Sale Online ( Urgent) S&V Cambodia Job 2015/10/27$200-$500
108Sale Advertising (Urgent) S&V Cambodia Job 2015/10/26$200-$500
109Sales/Marketing Manager for Shampoo S&V Cambodia Job 2015/10/16Negotiable
110Province Sale Manager Vipar Auto (Cambodia) Co., Ltd. 2015/10/12Negotiable
111Helmet Sale Manager Vipar Auto (Cambodia) Co., Ltd. 2015/10/12Negotiable
112Sales and Marketing Manager Pablo's Cambodia 2015/09/30Negotiable
113Sale Supporting Meridian International Holding (Cambodia) Ltd. 2015/09/21Negotiable
114Sale and Marketing Supervisor S&V Cambodia Job 2015/08/28$500-$999
115Sale Officer S&V Cambodia Job 2015/08/06$200-$500
116Sale Officer (Urgent) S&V Cambodia Job 2015/02/26$200-$500
117Sale Admin (Urgent) S&V Cambodia Job 2015/02/24$200-$500
118Sale Consultant S&V Cambodia Job 2015/02/19Negotiable