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ID Title/Position Company Closing Date Salary
1Vice President, Corporate Finance S&V Cambodia Job 2016/09/30
2Finance Manager S&V Cambodia Job 2016/09/071000$ - 1250$
3Director Corporate Finance S&V Cambodia Job 2016/08/17
4Loan Recovery Supervisor S&V Cambodia Job 2016/08/11$300-$400
5Chief Financial Officer (CFO) S&V Cambodia Job 2016/07/08$200-$250
6Finance Manager S&V Cambodia Job 2016/03/16Negotiable
7Chief Accountant / Financial Controller S&V Cambodia Job 2016/01/28Negotiable
8Credit officer (Urgent) S&V Cambodia Job 2016/01/04< $200
9Credit Officer Active People's Microfinance 2015/12/25Negotiable
10Accounting Manager Active People's Microfinance 2015/12/25Negotiable
11Credit Officer (ច្រើននាក់) WorldBridge Group 2017/02/22Negotiable
12Associate-Corporate Finance Phnom Penh Securities Plc 2016/09/21Negotiable
13Senior Finance Manager Hong Leong Bank (Cambodia) PLC 2016/08/17Negotiable
14Finance Manager S&V Cambodia Job 2016/05/26600$-800$
15Finance Manager S&V Cambodia Job 2016/05/04$1100-$1500
16Channel Manager S&V Cambodia Job 2016/04/21$700-$1000
17Finance Manager (URGENT) S&V Cambodia Job 2016/03/241500$ - 1800$
18Finance Executive S&V Cambodia Job 2016/03/14$1000-$2000
19FINANCE MANAGER 2016/02/26Negotiable
20Investment Consultant E-gold Entreprenuer Limited 2016/02/26$200-$500
21Finance Officer M'Lop Tapang 2016/02/25$200-$500
22Secretary to Head of Finance MJQ 2016/02/02Negotiable
23Admin/Finance Officer (MJQ Foundation) MJQ 2016/02/02Negotiable
24External Loan Recovery Officer S&V Cambodia Job 2016/01/04Negotiable
25Financial controller S&V Cambodia Job 2016/01/04$1000-$2000
26Credit Officer S&V Cambodia Job 2016/01/04< $200
27Finance Assistant S&V Cambodia Job 2015/10/21$200-$500
28Credit Officere S&V Cambodia Job 2015/08/06< $200