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ID Title/Position Company Closing Date Salary
1Marketing Consultant S&V Cambodia Job 2016/10/06$250-$400
2Marketing Manager S&V Cambodia Job 2016/10/06
3Marketing Officer S&V Cambodia Job 2016/09/07$300-$400
4Marketing Coordinator S&V Cambodia Job 2016/09/07$300-$500
5Sale Marketing Manager S&V Cambodia Job 2016/08/18$750-$1500
6Senior Sale Marketing S&V Cambodia Job 2016/08/18$500-$700
7Manager, Online Sales and Marketing S&V Cambodia Job 2016/08/18Negotiable
8Brand Communication Manager S&V Cambodia Job 2016/08/01$750-$1500
9Marketing Manager S&V Cambodia Job 2016/07/21Negotiable
10Marketing Executive S&V Cambodia Job 2016/05/24$1200-$1600
11Sale and Marketing (Urgent) S&V Cambodia Job 2016/05/19Negotiable
12Marketing Assistant S&V Cambodia Job 2016/05/19$300-$400
13Digital Marketing Executive Sun Hour Group Co.,LTD 2017/08/24$450-$600
14Marketing & Communication Sun Hour Group Co.,LTD 2017/08/24$200-$250
15Marketing Coordinator (Handle Apple Brand) iOne Co.,Ltd. 2017/03/20Negotiable
16Marketing Manager ( 2 positions only female) AA Interiors Cambodia Ltd 2017/02/16Negotiable
17Marketing Manager AA Interiors Cambodia Ltd 2016/12/02Negotiable
18Marketing Cho-Kwang V.S Co., Ltd 2016/11/15Negotiable
19Marketing UC Design Build 2016/10/10Negotiable
20SOCIAL MEDIA EXECUTIVE Hard Rock Cafe Angkor 2016/10/03$200-$300
21Retailer Hard Rock Cafe Angkor 2016/09/24Negotiable
22Marketing Executive 2 post (Chines Language Very Urgent) Ngy Heng Group Co., Ltd 2016/09/22$300-$500
23Sales and Marketing Manager 2016/09/14Negotiable
24Construction Marketing Cambodian Advanced Construction Project Management (CACPM) Co., Ltd 2016/09/01Negotiable
25Outdoor Sales/Marketing S&V Cambodia Job 2016/08/29$200-$300
26Marketing Executive Trust Global Service Co., Ltd 2016/08/23Negotiable
27Marketing Executive Map Pacific Cambodia Co., Ltd. 2016/08/16Negotiable
28Developer - Market Intel and Product Development S&V Cambodia Job 2016/06/23$450-$600
29បុគ្គលិកផ្នែកទីផ្សារ​​​ (ច្រើននាក់) S&V Cambodia Job 2016/05/25$200-$300
30Business Development Manager 2016/05/06$500-$999
31Medical & Sales Representative (Based in Kampong Thom province) S&V Cambodia Job 2016/04/25$200-$300
32Marketing Officer S&V Cambodia Job 2016/04/06Negotiable
33Business Developer S&V Cambodia Job 2016/04/06Negotiable
34Marketing Intelligence Officer (Urgent) S&V Cambodia Job 2016/03/29Negotiable
35Marketing Management for Condominium S&V Cambodia Job 2016/03/242000$ - 2500$
36Brand Executive S&V Cambodia Job 2016/03/07Negotiable
37Junior Executive E-gold Entreprenuer Limited 2016/02/26$200-$300
38Marketing & Sale Executive S&V Cambodia Job 2016/01/28$300-$500
39Marketing Executive Reliance Worldwide International ltd 2015/12/25$200-$300
40Marketing executive Westec Media Limited 2015/12/16Negotiable
41Senoir Digital Marketing Executive Westec Media Limited 2015/12/08Negotiable
42Marketing Executive Rohto Mentholatum (Cambodia) Co., Ltd 2015/12/04Negotiable
43Marketing Manager Harrods Investment Corporation 2015/10/12$500-$999
44Marketing Manager Vipar Auto (Cambodia) Co., Ltd. 2015/10/12Negotiable
45Sale Staff (urgent) S&V Cambodia Job 2015/02/26$200-$500
46Marketing Manager S&V Cambodia Job 2015/02/26$500-$999
47Chief Marketing (Urgent) S&V Cambodia Job 2015/02/24$200-$500