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ID Title/Position Company Closing Date Salary
1Business Development Associate S&V Cambodia Job 2017/08/24$300-$500
2Receptionist S&V Cambodia Job 2016/10/06$200-$500
3Hygiene Application Specialist S&V Cambodia Job 2016/08/29$500-$700
4Operation Supervisor S&V Cambodia Job 2016/07/08$500-$700
5Cargo OPS Staff S&V Cambodia Job 2016/07/08$300-$400
6Executive Secretary S&V Cambodia Job 2016/07/05
7Hand Over Borey The Mekong Royal 2017/08/31Negotiable
8Call Center officer Sun Hour Group Co.,LTD 2017/08/24< $200
9Life Operation Officer Sun Hour Group Co.,LTD 2017/08/24$300-$400
10Draftman Best Standard & Nattily 2017/05/26Negotiable
11Retailed Supervisor KC Food 2016/11/30Negotiable
12Executive Assistant to CEO KBM 2016/11/30Negotiable
13Mechanician Amru Rice (Cambodia) Co., Ltd 2016/10/24Negotiable
14Customer Service Executive Sun Hour Group Co.,LTD 2016/10/24$450-$600
15Business Development Analyst Phnom Penh Securities Plc 2016/10/04Negotiable
16SERVICE Hard Rock Cafe Angkor 2016/09/24Negotiable
17Broker Phnom Penh Securities Plc 2016/09/21Negotiable
18Hygiene Specialist (QSR Restaurant Manager / Laundry or Housekeeping specialist) America Indochina Management (Cambodia) Ltd. 2016/09/08Negotiable
19Structural Engineer Koh Pich Construction Company 2016/09/02Negotiable
20Site Engineer Koh Pich Construction Company 2016/09/02Negotiable
21Health, Safety and Environmenta Cambodian Advanced Construction Project Management (CACPM) Co., Ltd 2016/09/01Negotiable
22Structural Engineer Sophal Holding Co.,Ltd 2016/08/30Negotiable
23Credit Administration Officer – Commercial Banking CIMB Bank PLC 2016/08/23Negotiable
24Relationship Manager Hong Leong Bank (Cambodia) PLC 2016/08/17Negotiable
25Head of Risk Hong Leong Bank (Cambodia) PLC 2016/08/17Negotiable
26Assembly Worker - Manufacturing -Construction Aliplast 2016/08/16
27Chief MEP Koh Pich Construction Company 2016/08/16Negotiable
28Safety Engineer S&V Cambodia Job 2016/08/15$250-$350
29Actuarial Analyst Manulife(Cambodia) PLC 2016/08/12Negotiable
30Business Development Manager S&V Cambodia Job 2016/07/25Negotiable
31Mechanical Engineer S&V Cambodia Job 2016/07/05$700-$1000
32Mobile Library Teacher M'Lop Tapang 2016/06/22Negotiable
33Cargo OPS Staff S&V Cambodia Job 2016/06/22$300-$400
34Social worker for drug part center M'Lop Tapang 2016/04/12Negotiable
35Social Worker M'Lop Tapang 2016/04/12Negotiable
36Music Support M'Lop Tapang 2016/04/12Negotiable
37Sport Coordinator M'Lop Tapang 2016/04/06Negotiable
38Electrical Mechanic S&V Cambodia Job 2016/03/25Negotiable
39Driver M'Lop Tapang 2016/03/16Negotiable
40Music Support M'Lop Tapang 2016/02/25Negotiable
41UNION DEVELOPMENT GROUP CO.,LTD S&V Cambodia Job 2016/02/22600$-800$
42លេខាធិការ MJQ 2016/02/02Negotiable
43Architect Techno Design & Construction Co., Ltd 2015/12/25Negotiable
44Electrical Engineer Techno Design & Construction Co., Ltd 2015/12/25Negotiable
45Senior for Reporting Team S&V Cambodia Job 2015/10/27Negotiable
46Senior Tax Consultant S&V Cambodia Job 2015/10/27Negotiable
47Tax Manager S&V Cambodia Job 2015/10/27Negotiable
48Maintenance Senior Officer S&V Cambodia Job 2015/10/16Negotiable
49Maintenance Supervisor (Urgent) S&V Cambodia Job 2015/10/16$500-$999
50Quality Assurance Officer S&V Cambodia Job 2015/10/16Negotiable
51Food and Beverage Director S&V Cambodia Job 2015/10/16Negotiable
52Order Taker in English & Chinese S&V Cambodia Job 2015/08/28Negotiable
53Warehouse Staff (Urgent) S&V Cambodia Job 2015/08/28Negotiable
54Production Officer (Vietnamese) S&V Cambodia Job 2015/08/28Negotiable