Deputy School Administration Manager (D.S.A.M.)

Date Posted: 07-Mar-2019
Monthly Salary: 1500$ - 1800$

Job Description



  • The DSAM typically has a profound educational background in Business Administration and vast experience in a leading position in the administrative department of an international school. High proficiency in Khmer and English language as well as very good organization and communication skills are imperative.


  • The D.S.A.M. acts as the second-in-command Administrator of the school and must maintain a strong and constructive relationship with the Administration team members, the school director, the academic supervisors and the accounting manager. His respectful, supportive and friendly interaction with all staff, students and parents is as crucial as his leadership skills towards his administration, maintenance and school bus fleet staff. The D.S.A.M. reports directly to the S.A.M. He is supported by administrative assistants and interns who are all under his direct supervision.


  • The D.S.A.M. is responsible for the implementation of a functioning administrative framework that supports all school operations, programs and events, and in particular the academic departments. Cost-effectiveness and the creation of a supportive and reliable network with school suppliers are main aspects of his/her daily administrative tasks and duties.

Safety and Maintenance

  • The D.S.A.M. must make sure that school is a safe and clean environment for all students, as well as a comfortable and safe workplace for teachers and staff. The D.S.A.M. is in charge of all safety, security and maintenance related issues, provides training to his/her staff and ensures the availability of all necessary resources.


  • The effective management of all administrative assistants and interns and the smooth coordination with colleagues, including other administrative assistants, receptionists,  maintenance staff, bus drivers and assistants and others under the S.A.M. supervision, must be ensured at all times. The D.S.A.M. is responsible for the recruitment and periodical training of all aforementioned staff, suggests budgets and gets actively involved in all non-academic school development issues.

Job Requirement


Reports to:

School Administration Manager

Responsible for:

Salary Range:

 Administration, Maintenance, Safety and Security, Bus Fleet and Procurement

Main Activities:

Maintenance, Safety and Security

  • Organize, instruct, train and control the maintenance team.
  • Recruit, select and hire maintenance and bus fleet staff with early involvement and given approval of the SAM and the School Director.
  • Oversee completion of contractual agreements with electricity, petrol, real estate, water, security and other related companies and suppliers.
  • Ensure good conditions of all buildings, facilities, installations and equipment, including A/Cs, bathroom, any electrical devices, swimming pools, sports courts, security camera system, etc.

Administration and School Supplies

  • Administration office and reception management.
  • Participate with the SAM in recruiting, selecting and hiring administration office staff with early involvement and given approval of the school director.
  • Ensure effective use of the student’s management system of all users.
  • Ensure maintenance of all student and staff related registers and databases.
  • Guarantee a strong customer service orientation of all subordinated staff.
  • Organization and management of vehicle fleet and school bus service.
  • Ensure daily student attendance control and submit monthly report to the accounting department
  • Assist the SAM in planning, budgeting and organizing special events and functions (graduation, family and international children’ day, etc.)
  • Upon request of the SAM, organize any purchases of equipment, stationery, office supplies and any request of other departments.
  • Upon request of the SAM, organize the order, the distribution and the control of all student supplies, as books, material, IDs and uniforms.
  • Support the academic department in establishing an effective communication to parents.
  • Organization of order, distribution and control of all staff uniforms
  • Prepare reports and other documents ensuring compliance with the requirements of the appropriate authorities (Ministries, District and Commune authorities).
  • Support all departments in any administration related issue.


  • Manage effectively the deployment and performance of all staff according to the school policies and reporting constantly to the SAM.
  • Create and maintain good working relationships amongst all members of the school community.
  • Support the SAM in verbal and written communication in Khmer and English language.
  • Sustain motivation.
  • Promote the school’s ethos in which the highest standards are expected from all members of the school community.
  • Ensure that professional duties are fulfilled as specified in the employment contracts and job descriptions of all staff under his/her supervision.
  • Have a duty of care regarding staff welfare.
  • Encourage honesty, initiative and team work.

Attendance of Internal and External Meetings

  • Mandatory attendance of weekly administration team meetings.
  • Organization, attendance and record keeping of regular staff meetings with:
    1. Maintenance staff
    2. Safety and security staff
    3. Bus fleet staff
  • Attendance of school director – board meetings if required.
  • Receive the visits of any authority officials (in particular with police, immigration and labor officials and inspectors), prepare the documents and establish a base of collaboration with the respective officers.


Job Name

Job Detail

  • Function
  • Location
    Phnom Penh,
  • Hiring
  • Career Level
  • Experience
    3-5years Years
  • Age
    18-35 Year old
  • Nationality
  • Degree
    Bachelor Degree
  • Language
  • Closing Date

Contact Information

  • Mss.Leak Na
  • 098 556 166
  • 2 Floor, SI Building, No 93, Preah Sihanuk Blvd (274), Khan Daun Penh, Phnom Penh.

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