Assistant Financial Manager & Financial Manager

Date Posted: 09-Feb-2018
Monthly Salary: $1,000

Job Description

  • Prepare the following management report:
    • Monthly Income Statement with supporting Schedules.
    • Monthly balance sheet with supporting Schedules.
    • Monthly Financial Highlight and Statistics.
    • Monthly Analysis of Accounts.
    • Monthly Report on Budget and Expenditures.
    • Status of Barter Agreement.
    • Tax Returns.
    • Bank Reports.
    • Insurance and Medical Report.
    • AR & AP reports.
    • Government tax
  • Ensures the submission of the monthly financial report ten days after month-end and according to established standards and procedures.
  • Make sure all A/R & A/P Contract are in proper procedure and expiry date.
    • Computes the following:
    • Managements Fee
    • Quarterly Corporate Income Tax
    • Quarterly Percentage Tax
    • Internal Revenue and Municipal Taxes and licenses.
  • F &B Costing
  • In-Charge of F&B Fix Asset.
  • Performs the reconciliation of the following:
    • Bank Accounts
    • Receivables and Payable
    • Affiliates Companies’ Accounts
  • Responsible for preparing the monthly journal entries at the end of the month.
  • Posts monthly totals to the operating and general ledger and determines their monthly balances.
  • Prepares the standard and miscellaneous journals at the end of the month.
  • Reviews the monthly schedules after these have been typed in and checks arrangement of these schedules in the monthly financial statements.
  • Verified that the monthly trial balance of accounts receivables are corrective aged and the totals are in agreement with the controls.
  • Verified that the monthly computations of inventories are proper and the totals are in agreements with the controls.
  • Examines and verifies payrolls.
  • Ascertains that all overtimes reports are submitted to Assistant GM/Executive Directors for approved.
  • Examines and initials each allowance and expenditure vouchers.
  • Verifies that prepaid expense, deference charges and charges and depreciation schedules are up-to-date and in agreement with the books.
  • Scrutinizes monthly trail balances of vouchers payable and pay attention to overdue balances.
  • Ascertains that all taxes, contributions and license are paid when due.
  • Supervises that preparation and maintenance of assets and inventory record and reports.
  • Performs additional checks as frequently as possible, in order to the accuracy of the figures submitted and to ascertain that fund and properties are safety insured and protected.
  • Will have such other duties and responsibilities as may be assigned by Assistant GM/Executive Directors.

Job Requirement

  1. day : Monday to Satur (half morning).
  2. time : 8:00-12:00, 1:00-5:00.
  3. : We have our own Public Holiday (24 days).

Meal : We don’t provide the meal to the staff but we have the allowance for them.

  1. : We don’t have.
  2. : Yes we have.
  3. bonus : We don’t have yet.
  4. Trip   : We don’t have yet.

Others benefit  : Service charge, Insurance.

Job Name

Job Detail

  • Function
  • Location
    Phnom Penh,
  • Hiring
  • Career Level
  • Experience
    3 Years
  • Age
  • Nationality
  • Degree
    Bachelor Degree
  • Language
  • Closing Date

Contact Information

  • Mss.Leak Na
  • 098 556 166
  • 2 Floor, SI Building, No 93, Preah Sihanuk Blvd (274), Khan Daun Penh, Phnom Penh.

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