Senior Facilities Engineer
  • Architecture / Building / Construction
  • Phnom Penh,
2 years ago
3 years
Bachelor Degree
Job Description
  • Responsible for maintenance and operation of building- related issues like retrofit/alteration, mechanical & electrical equipment, appliances, landscaping, pest control and janitorial.
  • Troubleshoot and respond to systems interruptions and operational issues pertaining to building maintenance. Ensure no equipment downtime due to poor operations and maintenance. Support for unplanned breakdown activities.
  • Interacts with Office Administrative Team daily to update them with activities and issues. Create and execute facilities preventative maintenance program.
  • Create and manage cleaning activities for the entire building (interior and exterior).
  • Managing invoices and keeping track of all expenses related to Facilities Office.
  • During evacuations, assists emergency response team in assessing building condition, locating missing personnel, shutting off utilities, and delivering a status report to assembly point leaders.
  • Provides occupants with updates of electrical, water and other service outages and scheduled shutdowns.
  • Stays informed of changes to space assignments in their facilities.
  • Vendor Coordination.
  • Monitor contractual arrangements, service agreements, and scope for contractors.
  • Regular Checks and audits of the areas.
  • Maintains pest control program.

Required Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities
  • Bachelor in Mechanical or Electrical engineering field.
  • Knowledge of AutoCAD and Technical drawing is preferred.
  • 03 years experiences as building Engineering or related experience.
  • Be confident, assertive and independent.
  • Good command of speaking, reading and writing in English.


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