Lab Technician

Date Posted: 08-Dec-2017
Monthly Salary: Negotiable

Job Description

  1. Laboratory Team to achieved production goals :
  • Work with Laboratory Team and QAM and Production Manager on the implementation of Quality Management System, Food Safety Management System (HACCP, GMP), Policies Procedures and work instruction for provision of Laboratory services to the production process.
  • Work Quality Assurance Manager and team to ensure vital position backfilled during periods of planned and unplanned leave.
  • Work with the team to achieve the team goal.
  • Ensure laboratory technician undertake appropriate training on his or her skill and task.
  • Provide support and assistance as required to other team members to ensure delivery of laboratory services.
  1. Workplace Health & Safety and Housekeeping:
  • Oversea Laboratory use to reduce hazard and promote a safe work environment.
  • Ensure all appropriate safety equipment is installed, available for use and working correctly.
  • Ensure laboratory user undertake appropriate orientation and training in use for safety equipment as required.
  • Cleaning and tidying of laboratory space as required.
  • Ensure equipment is working correctly.
  • Ensure cleaning and maintenance of the equipment as required.
  • Ensure dangerous of hazard substance correctly stored handled.
  • Ensure waste streams correctly separated and managed.
  • Ensure the MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) are printed and filled.
  • Ensure the chemicals are handled correctly as mentioned in the MSDS.
  1. Quality Assurance:
  • Laboratory Team is expected to demonstrate and understanding and implementation for the principles of the Quality Management System and Food Safety Management System (HACCP)and other Management System as they have been applied at the Winery and Freshy Department.
  • Follow the current Standard Operation Procedures.
  • Ensure the materials, product in the process, finished product and process parameters are in the range. Action shall be taken to address the nonconformities.
  • Immediately report to QAM and production Manager once the parameter is out of the range.
  • Work as a team of the production to bring the nonconformities to the range.
  • Ensure the first line controls of the required parameters are in the control range.
  1. Inventory control in the Laboratory:
  • Maintenance of the detailed inventory of laboratory chemicals, equipment and laboratory wares and spare part for the equipment being used by the team.
  • Monitor use of consumables and assist with ensuring adequate stock are on hand.
  • Preparation of purchase request for the consumables and laboratory wares.
  1. Document control and data control:
  • Procedures, Work Instruction, and Form-Ensure the document and form records always available at all time.
  • COA-Ensure each shipment bears the COA.
  • MSDS-Print and file.
  • Record-Maintain the record keeping.
  • Ensure the data are back up in severed.
  • Data analysis.
  • Confirmation result-Maintain the analysis result from the third party laboratories including the government laboratory.
  • Competitor product analysis-Maintain the competitor product analysis.
  1. Production support:
  • Trail/Testing-Active participation in the trail including maintaining the report of the trail result.
  • Daily production audit and report to production manager.
  • Check the daily production checked list and reports.
  • Improve the production area cleanness and Good Housekeeping.
  • Ensure the product safety and quality, Microbiology insurance, according to the company standard.
  • Keeping the reference sample and ensure the sample are analysis.
  • Provide support to the Quality Assurance Manager and production manager including assistance for the research.
  1. Daily/Routine Task:
  • Daily routine sample as mentioned in the quality control plan.
  • Entrance control of incoming materials, packaging material, raw material and other processing material.
  • Storage, Mixing, Packaging, Utilities.
  1. Reporting:
  • Reporting to the relevant department.
  • Reporting data analysis of the process parameter to QAM and production manager.
  1. HACCP:
  • System Auditor
  • HACCP coordinator, assist production manager in the implementation of HACCP.



Job Requirement

  • Cambodian males from 20 years old.
  • Bachelor’s degree in Food Science or related degree from Institute of Technology of Cambodia.
  • 1+ years of food production experience, including familiarity with production equipment.
  • Experience commercializing packaged food products.
  • Experience sourcing ingredients/working with suppliers.
  • Ability to Manage and Control subordinate staff.
  • Strong quantitative and MS Office, internet, Email skills.
  • Skilled communicator who can effectively collaborate with a wide variety of people at all levels of the company.
  • Demonstrated aptitude for developing plans and completing tasks to project deadlines.
  • Proficiency of speaking and writing English.
Job Name

Job Detail

  • Function
    Quality Control
  • Location
    Phnom Penh,
  • Hiring
  • Career Level
  • Experience
    2 Years
  • Age
    23 years old up
  • Nationality
  • Degree
    Bachelor Degree
  • Language
  • Closing Date

Contact Information

  • Human Resource
  • 077 36 06 18 / 023 42 68 68
  • 16A, N/RD, No.5, Russey Keo Commune, Russey Keo District, Phnom Penh

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