Academic Manager (English Kindergarten Program) (AM-EKP)

Date Posted: 15-Dec-2017
Monthly Salary: $1,000-$1,500

Job Description

  • Respects and abides by the WEG’s vision, mission, goals and all management policies, guidelines, and quality management system;
  • Assists Academic Director in defining vision, mission, and goals; setting budget priorities, recommending the addition and deletion of the academic programs and services of the school; 
  • Initiates, organizes, and leads, monitors and evaluates the academic operations of all school of the WEG;
  • Provides quality excellences of the WEG’s kindergarten English training program to students through appropriate researching and training activities; curriculum development, teaching supports materials, entrance tests, and other academic affairs with the budget allowance;
  • Cooperates and leads all school principals and vice principals to do program analysis, and prepare and submit the strategic and operational plans, educational policies to Academic Director;
  • Proposes Academic Director the intended national and international affiliations;
  • Evaluates teachers within the program including classroom observations;
  • Provides an example educational leadership to all employees and creating a good public understanding and image of the school;
  • Organizes program policies, regulations, and principles by consulting with Academic Director, and submitting them for approval from CEO;
  • Suggests to the director the programs expansion, operations reducing and other training courses;
  • Studies the possibilities of business co-operations and joint ventures;
  • Collaborates and coordinates with all areas of the WEG, Department of Education Youth and Sport and Ministry of Education;
  • Ensures that all school principals and vice principals are following the school’s academic quality management systems, guidelines, procedures and other regulations;
  • Assists Academic Director with Kindergarten English  curriculum review, program development, textbook review and academic calendar;
  • Maintains departmental files to include a course syllabus master book, all course tests, quizzes, projects, and test keys/ answer keys;
  • Assists in interviewing and orienting new school’s staffs to become acquainted with policy and procedures of the school and WEG, and serve as a mentor in the implementation of effective teaching skills;
  • Be responsible for implementation of Retention Plan and overseeing retention of students within EKP, meeting retention rate in accordance with accreditation, and WEG’s guidelines;
  • Assists the implementation and evaluation of EKP and activities to ensure that the Advisory Committee functions in a manner consistent with accreditation standards;
  • Participates in professional development activities and programs as required by the WEG;
  • Ensures overall student satisfaction levels are at 85% or greater;
  • Helps and collaborates with school principals and vice principals to do teaching schedule and provide academic support to students, tutor if necessary, and provide other assistance as needed;
  • Participates in business and academic meetings, orientations, graduation exercises, and other functions as directed;
  • Be responsible for academic orientation and training;
  • Ensures that all educational activity is conducted in a legal and ethical manner;
  • Writes business and academic reports to the director;
  • Assists the Director on educational marketing and public relations;
  • Represents the Director to other organizations;
  • Represents the needs and interests of the academic program in various WEG forums;
  • Recommends appointments, promotions, tenure and merit of WEG staffs;
  • Suggests and takes part in preparing other school policies and procedures;
  • Performs other duties and responsibilities as assigned.





  • Receives all academic reports and suggestions from SP and VP and ask for solution from educational director;
  • Audits, questions, monitors and evaluates the implementation and improvement of all academic programs in The Westline School and the Northline School; provide them feedback and recommendation and report to the Director;
  • Organizes academic technical meetings with all principals and vice school principals and coordinator;
  • suggests the usage of all program course books;
  • suggests and recommends the arrangement of training and professional development for all program teachers; and

Checks and recommends the grading policies and procedures, student motivation and recognition programs, student testing, teacher regulations and policies, student regulations and policies, and other student support services.  

Job Requirement

Education Background

  • Master of Education in TESOL or Educational Management;

Work Related Experience

  • Minimum of three (3) years of related experience;
  • Good knowledge of Cambodian education especially private sector;


  • Excellent spoken and written English proven by at least TOEFL of over 550 or IELTS of 7.0;


Technical Competencies and Skills

  • Good knowledge of child development and teaching methods;
  • Excellent presentation skills;
  • Good command computer literacy (Microsoft Office, Microsoft Outlook, Internet and Email);
  • Strong problem solving and negotiation skills;
  • Knowledge of Cambodia labor Law;
  • Knowledge of budget planning is a plus;


Leadership and Communication Skills/Personality Qualities

  • Strong communication and strong interpersonal skills;
  • Self-managed, self- motivated and highly responsible;
  • Strong Leadership and management skills;
  • Result-oriented personality;
  • Team working spirit;
  • High level of diplomacy and confidentiality required;


Corporate Competencies

  • Strong commitment to Westline Education Group’s Mission, Vision and Values;
  • Respect and abide by WEG’s management policies, academic regulations, policies and procedures and guideline;
  • Sensitivity and adaptability towards culture, gender, religion, race, nationality, and age;


Job Name

Job Detail

  • Function
  • Location
    Phnom Penh,
  • Hiring
  • Career Level
  • Experience
    3 Years
  • Age
  • Nationality
  • Degree
    Master Degree
  • Language
  • Closing Date

Contact Information

  • Mss.Leak Na
  • 098 556 166
  • 2 Floor, SI Building, No 93, Preah Sihanuk Blvd (274), Khan Daun Penh, Phnom Penh.

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